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Where To Buy Hydroshield Glass Cleaner EXCLUSIVE

A multi-purpose cleaner formulated specifically for HydroShield treated glass, mirror, tile and porcelain surfaces. This Multi-Purpose Cleaner is formulated to quickly penetrate dust, grease, soil and smoke on glass and glass glazed surfaces leaving absolutely no streaking or residual buildup. Ideal for perfect clarity on windows, doors, mirrors, display cases, countertops and windshields.

where to buy hydroshield glass cleaner

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Using a clean cotton or microfiber towel, simply wipe the surface clean. If the dirt is stubborn, using warm water or an alcohol-based glass cleaner will make your surfaces sparkle. If hard water stains are allowed to build, a quick scrub with a white scrubby pad should work to remove minerals that are sticking to the HydroShield Glass Coating. For best results, use HydroShield All Purpose Glass Cleaner. We love our cleaner and know you will too!

It looks to me from reading the hydroshield site that it is a coating applied to the glass, whereas showerguard is baked into the glass and never needs to be recoated. They tried to pull a fast one on you.

The difference between SG & HydroShield is that SG is a permanent product applied by the manufacturer. They use a ceramic based zirconium to "sputter coat" the glass which means the zirconium is atomized and fills in all the pores of the glass making the glass smooth so there is nowhere for water to get in and leave minerals which ultimately stains your glass. HydroShield is a wipe on coating that is hydrophobic which means it repels water. It's great until it wears off which is usually 1-2 years. If you are diligent and have the hydroshield reapplied regularly it will continue to do its job. If you are like most people that's not going to happen and when it wears off you will risk stained glass. HydroShield has a warranty, but it's only for the coating so if your glass is stained, hydroshield can be reapplied, but you will still have foggy glass. SG has a lifetime warranty which guarantees you will never have stained glass. It's about cleanability. There is no such thing as self cleaning glass so you will have to do the work, but SG will always come clean. Lemon SoftScrub and the aggressive side of a Scotchbrite sponge is what the company recommends and it works brilliantly. There are also a lot of other cleaners that are options for cleaning. Hope this helps clear up the differences.

I do NOT ever squeegee the glass after a shower. At most I hose down any obvious blobs of shampoo. They dry looking fine and my housekeeper wipes them down once a week. Even after many months of neglect during the pandemic when I didn't want my housekeeper to come, they still looked great when she returned. There wasn't any build up like there might have been with standard glass. The water in my area is very hard and white stuff tends to accumulate wherever water drips or drops or spatters.

HydroShield Glass is a revolutionary protective coating for glass and glass glazed surfaces. It does not change or distort the appearance of the glass surface. It is not a film so it will not chip, peel or discolor. It works by changing the molecular structure of the glass at the surface. It simply replaces the Oxygen molecules within the surface of the glass with Carbon molecules. The finished surface is extremely slick, helping the glass surface to stay cleaner longer. HydroShield Glass also protects the glass surface from hard water damage and staining as well as strengthens the surface from scratching and abrasion.

Shake before use to mix contents. Prepare your glass by removing all traces of contaminants. For best results, decontaminate your glass with a clay bar. Can also be used in conjunction with OCDfinish 20/20 vision glass cleaner. Dry all glass to be treated and then apply Hydro Shield to half of the screen at a time. The product should be left to dry to a haze for at least 10 minutes before buffing off with a microfiber towel.

To clean your granite, simply use hot soapy water and a clean cotton towel and follow with an alcohol-based glass cleaner and a microfiber towel. For best results, use HydroShield Glass Multi- Purpose Cleaner. We love our cleaner and know you will too!

HydroShield for Windows provides a highly durable, slick finish to your windows. The result is glass that stays cleaner longer. HydroShield Window Protection makes your windows easy to clean, reducing maintenance by 75%. 041b061a72




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