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[S4E4] Three's A Crowd


Now, Woody, before we wrap it up, I need to ask you a couple of questions from the crowd here, and bear with me here. Okay, this one is from Jared. This is a good one. How big is your team when you're using a flamethrower?

At a local council meeting, Penn Epner speaks before the crowd pointing the finger at Richard Casablancas and Clyde. He says to vote against NUTT. The crowd goes wild, and Big Dick and Clyde are furious.

At the restaurant, as the employees are eating nachos, Monk is only pretending to eat (since they're all touching nachos). He also reveals that Annete and one other employee, Greg, are a couple, and starts calling his new friends "the office crowd".

"The office crowd" goes into the Chinese restaurant without Monk. He goes down the building in restaurant with Natalie. Natalie says that there got to be a connection between two homicides. When Monk sees the man sitting opposite from them, who has a hearing aid, constantly look into Kemp's window and write notes down on paper, he solves the case.

Unfortunately, the killer saw Natalie speaking in a mirror across the room, and read her lips. He comes to her and Monk and shows them a gun, saying the three of them should "take a walk outside talk about it." He also reveals that while he was born deaf, he hears well enough when standing that close to the two of them thanks to his hearing aids. Natalie manages to trick the murderer by screaming into his ear, letting Monk snatch his gun. Natalie calls the police (although Monk asks her to call the Chinese restaurant first so the office crowd can see him holding the murderer at gunpoint).

The supply run to the animal hospital is success, until Bob stumbles on a second story ledge on the way back to the van and ends up in a mighty tug of war for his bag with a crowd of walkers. The others yell for him to let it go and run, but he fights mightily.

Izzie says she's learned to fight in the trailer park. She's convinced she can take Callie down. Meanwhile, Callie enters the cafeteria and finds all eyes are on her. She walks up to Izzie. As Callie comes over, Izzie takes off her shoes and earrings while Alex and Cristina give her pointers. Izzie takes a fighting pose and says she's ready to go. Callie has no idea what this is about. All she wanted to do is talk. Callie looks at the crowd and sighs. She walks out. An intern calls that Torres forfeits. Izzie sits down and feels visibly bad. George comes running in and asks if there was a fight. Alex says no. Apparently, they realized they were fighting over nothing.

Meechum drove Frank to Gaffney, after Jessica Masters drove off the road looking at the Peach Tower. At the memorial for Jessica Masters, Meechum told Frank that he couldn't go into the crowd alone, but Frank talked Meechum down, and eventually went anyway, along with Gene Clancey. (Chapter 3)

After a speaking event at Hammond University, Meechum was assisting President Frank Underwood as he met and spoke with the students and protesters. While speaking to a heckler, shots were fired from the crowd by Lucas Goodwin. One shot grazed the President's arm and another hit his liver, while the others struck Meechum as he pushed the President to the ground. As he fell, Meechum fired his gun, killing Lucas Goodwin. Meechum died moments later as a result of his injuries. 781b155fdc


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