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I was wondering if its possible to download say only sheet 1 of a google spreadsheet as excel? I have seen few SO posts that show the method to export the WHOLE sheet as excel, but I need to just export one sheet. Is it at all possible? and if yes, how?

Download one sheet xlsx

You can do this by clicking on the down arrow near the sheet name to bring up the options, and then selecting "Copy to -> New spread sheet", then click the "Open spread sheet" in the pop up that comes up after.

It is a lot easier to process data in a single file instead of switching between numerous sources. However, merging multiple Excel workbooks into one file could be a cumbersome and long process, especially if the workbooks you need to combine contain multiple worksheets. So, how would you approach the problem? Will you be coping sheets manually or with VBA code? Or, do you use one of the specialized tools to merge Excel files? Below you will find a few good ways to handle this task.

Note. In this article, we are going to look at how to copy sheets from multiple Excel workbooks into one workbook. If you are looking for a quick way to copy data from several worksheets into one sheet, you will find the detailed guidance in another tutorial: How to merge multiple sheets into one.

The screenshot below shows the result - sheets from two Excel files combined into one. To merge tabs from other Excel files, repeat the above steps for each workbook individually.When coping sheets manually, please be aware of the following limitation imposed by Excel: it is not possible to move or copy a group of sheets if any of those sheets contains a table. In this case, you will have to either convert a table to a range or use one of the following methods that do not have this limitation.How to merge Excel files with VBAIf you have multiple Excel files that have to merged into one file, a faster way would be to automate the process with a VBA macro.

Alternatively, you can download the macro in an Excel file, open it alongside your target workbook (enable macro if prompted), then switch to your own workbook and press Alt + F8 to run the macro. If you are new to using macros in Excel, please follow the detailed steps below.How to use the MergeExcelFiles macroOpen the Excel file where you want to merge sheets from other workbooks and do the following:

Depending on how many files you've selected, allow the macro a few seconds or minutes to process them. After the macro completes, it will notify you how many files have been processed and how many sheets have been merged:Combine multiple Excel files into one with Ultimate SuiteIf you are not very comfortable with VBA and looking for an easier and faster way to merge Excel files, have a look at the Copy Sheets tool, one of 70+ time saving features included with our Ultimate Suite for Excel.

Allow the Copy Worksheets wizard a few seconds for processing and enjoy the result!To have a closer look at this and other merge tools for Excel, you are welcome to download an evaluation version of Ultimate Suite.

  • Macro to merge multiple Excel files (.xlsm file)Ultimate Suite 14-day fully-functional version (.exe file) "@context": " ", "@type": "Article", "url": " -addins-blog/merge-multiple-excel-files-into-one/", "mainEntityOfPage": " -addins-blog/merge-multiple-excel-files-into-one/", "inLanguage": "en-us", "headline": "How to merge multiple Excel files into one", "description": "Merging multiple Excel workbooks into one file could be a cumbersome and long process. So, which is the best way to handle the problem: copy the sheet tabs, run VBA code or use a special tool?","image": " _img-blog/merge-files/merge-two-files-excel.png", "author": "@type": "Person", "name": "Svetlana Cheusheva","url": " -addins-blog/author/svetlana-cheusheva/" , "publisher": "@type": "Organization", "name": "", "logo": "@type": "ImageObject", "url": " _img/d-19/logo/ablebits-logo-desktop.svg" , "datePublished": "2017-11-08", "dateModified": "2023-03-17"Excel: featured articlesMerge multiple sheets into one

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var b20CategorySlug = "merge-multiple-excel-files-into-one";Table of contents

Struggling with the fact that the sheets produced by this are not the original filenames. Is there a modification to the VBA macro code that I could make which would make the name of the sheet into the name of the file (minus the file extension)?

Hello!If I understand your task correctly, you can consolidate data from selected cells of multiple worksheets using these guidelines: Consolidate data in Excel and merge multiple sheets into one worksheet. If this is not what you wanted, explain in detail what result you want to get.

A few months ago the code used to work, now it is not.The code runs OK always until the 3rd file. I only have 2 sheets per file. The code merges the first 4 sheets, naming the first 2 without the (number) and the next 2 sheets as "Sheetname (2)" and "Sheet (2)". Then on the beginning of the 5th sheet the error happens.

For example if there's sales data for Fruits like Mango, Apple, Banana, Kiwi in four worksheets in a workbook named Sales_March and there are similar workbooks for rest of the months with same 4 worksheets. Now how do i combine the yearly sales data for Mango in one sheet, Apple in one sheet etc for all the four fruits in a new workbook? I have been trying to figure out a direct method for this but couldn't find anything yet.

Hello!We have a ready-made solution for your task. I recommend paying attention to the tool Combine Sheets. You can merge data from multiple sheets and select columns to merge. It is available as a part of our Ultimate Suite for Excel that you can install in a trial mode and check how it works for free.

I am trying to combine multiple excel sheets, however, I only need one tab from each sheet. The tab name is the same in all the sheets I am trying to combine. Is there a way to isolate and just pull the one tab from each excel sheet?

Hello!I can recommend you a special tool for сopying selected worksheets from several workbooks to one file - Copy Sheets. You can combine all the sheets you need from different Excel files into one new workbook in a couple of clicks. It is available as a part of our Ultimate Suite for Excel that you can install in a trial mode and check how it works for free.

I am trying to merge spreadsheet B that has phone numbers, (total 175), on them, and match them to another spreadsheet A , that has 450 rows.SS B was returned to me by a company that provides phone numbers, but they could only provide 175 numbers out of the original 450 rows of data.Because I have more notes on Spreadsheet A, I would like to merge Spreadsheet B to SS A.How can I do this ??

I want to combine different excel files in a folder to one file in multiple sheets , i can do that but i have a challenge with excel files which i receive file name will be having date which changes so to combine all files without considering date i need to use prefix. Is there any solution where i can combine excel files from folder using prefix of file name . Example : Adverse_Events_26022022.xlsx and next time file name will be Adverse_Events_23032022.xlsx , if i take only Adverse_Events my macro will run. Could you please provide me solution.

What can I do to make this process automatically? I mean, whatever change you do in the other sheets you can see these changes reflected in the combined data without doing the all process again and not duplicating data. Thank you!

Hello!If I understand your task correctly, our Copy Sheets tool may help you solve it in a few clicks. It allows you to merge multiple Excel sheets into one. It is available as a part of our Ultimate Suite for Excel that you can install in a trial mode and check how it works for free.

Instead of all the sheets in the file being combined, I just need a specific tab. I don't need all of the sheets in each file, I just need a specific tab. How can the VBA above be modified to help accomplish this?

I am trying to combine 31 different excel workbooks and all of them have a standard format and multiple sheets. However, they also have their macros too. When I merge them the macro is not producing the same answer in the combined workbook as it did previously and macros are all messed up now. Is there anyway I can combine all of them with their individual macros that dont get mixed up?

Script works perfectly however, I need them in a single sheet line under line.For more explanationI saved bulk data from outlook wish to have them in long date format (Date & Time). I would like to have them line by line

Hello!You can copy the sheet manually as described in this article. Automatic copying of the active sheet to other workbooks using VBA is described in this tutorial.I hope my advice will help you solve your task.

___ = xlsread(filename,-1) opens an Excel window to interactively select data. Select the worksheet, drag and drop the mouse over the range you want, and click OK. This syntax is supported only on Windows computers with Microsoft Excel software installed.

[num,txt,raw,custom]= xlsread(filename,sheet,xlRange,'',processFcn), where processFcn is a function handle, reads from the spreadsheet, calls processFcn on the data, and returns the final results as numeric data in array num. The xlsread function returns the text fields in cell array txt, both the numeric and text data in cell array raw, and the second output from processFcn in array custom. The xlsread function does not change the data stored in the spreadsheet. This syntax is supported only on Windows computers with Excel software. 041b061a72


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