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i gadgets middle east

Download Juz Amma Dan Terjemahannya Pdf TOP


Download Juz Amma Dan Terjemahannya Pdf

Summary Suraf Fil: Surah Fil refer to the historical event that happened in the birth year of Prophet Muhammad (saws). A pagan army came to attack the Kaaba who were riding on the back of elephants. They were arrogant and stood no match against power of Allah, he destroyed their whole army with tiny birds who carried small stones and dropped them from the sky.

In the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saws) it says he used to recite these three surahs for multiple occasions, before going to bed, when sick, protection from jinns, and as a prayer for remembrance of Allah.

Setelah Kissparry ikut menyebarkan e-Book (free), yakni tentang buku-buku dalam bentuk elektronik yang bisa Anda unduh (download), kali ini Kissparry ingin ikut menyebarkan e-Alquran yang berisi mushaf Alquran 30 Juz dibagi dalam juz 1 sampai dengan juz 30. 1e1e36bf2d


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